Here are sports betting in bite-size pieces for easy understanding

This is what was told to me by my mentor:
When I had decided for sure that sports betting could be a calling that I had ignored for too long, I was fortunate and largely because my favorite economics professor was one of my closest aides and mentor in the field. His calculations were something that I could believe with my eyes kept even close. He was one soul who was genuinely interested in my progress and there was no way I was going to let the opportunity pass by without grabbing it and making it all mine!

So, what was it that he told me?

He had said that when you are staking your bets on sports or any game you must consider it to be a duel that is fought between the bookmaker and yourself. The percentage of the stake that the bookmaker offers is exactly the percentage that will offer you when the bet that you have made has won.

To give an example that he quoted:

Say that a particular bookmaker gives you a 90 percent betting odd, then in the event that you win a stake, you will get back 90 percent of your stake along with any profits that you have made due to the bet. But if you lose, the bookmaker keeps it all. So, you see the idea is to consider it as a thing between you and him!


The odds versus you:

If you are new to this field you will have realized that the bookmakers are quite partial to certain sports, like cricket football and tennis. Also, the betters will largely crowd around such bookmakers and the advertisements that are given by the bookmakers will also center around other such popular sports betting. The reason for this is that while these are the sports that people are really interested in they are also cash machines for the bookmakers and that is why they are interested in capitalizing on them.


Prefer Online

There are other sporting exploits which are not so popular but you can and you must try your hand at it because the odds of your winning over there is much higher than in the popular ones.
On why he and I both prefer online bet: There is one thing that I always mulled on. And that is what version of betting is best; is it the online betting or the offline betting that takes the cake. I didn’t have to ponder too long because two or three months into the experience I knew exactly what was best.


Online betting always for me:

Offline betting may have a personal touch but there are so many other advantages in online betting that I will always choose it over the other.

Online betting is convenient:

Okay, given the fact that you will miss all the action that you will encounter at the stadium but online betting is easy and comfortable in that you do not need to go out of your room even. Online betting is easiest because you can sit on your most favorite couch and in your own room and bet as if you are present there!

Heavy Traffic

No need to get dressed, no need to navigate through heavy traffic and no need to actually be present because your online presence is more than enough! Let me tell you out of the experience that while I was very excited about being present at the stadium, I realized the drudgery and the monotony even within a couple of months. I would rather sit in my room than travel all the way and get tired. Of course, this is my experience. You could have a totally different take on this and that is allowed!

Online helps you arrive at a comparison of odds:

When you are betting online through various portals, you can do a comparison of the various bookmakers, their offers and also the odds that they offer to the betters. This is a crucial bit of information. Some of the websites like black marlin also give you a comparison table which has all the values in real time which makes it very significant if you are betting.
There is no doubt that online betting has taken the field to a whole new level. You will need to try out both to understand what you are cut out for. Here wishing you luck!